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2014Hardrock 100 full results and analysis - seriously detailed stuff all in one monster PDF file: splits, historical finishing data, the works! (Thanks to Charlie Thorn for doing this every single year for 20 years!)
2013Hardrock 100 full results and analysis
2012Hardrock results in elapsed, time-of-day, and segment time (with time spent in aid stations!) formats.
2011Hardrock 100 full results
2010Hardrock 100 results
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20092009 Hardrock 100 results
2008Hardrock results summary
2007Hardrock results summary
2006Hardrock results summary
2005Hardrock results summary
2004Hardrock results in elapsed, time-of-day, and segment time formats.
Order of runners into each aid station, with time behind leader for 2004.
Graphical representation of 2004 results.
2003Hardrock results and splits spread sheet in time-of-day format.
Graphical representation of 2003 results.
2002The Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run was cancelled in 2002 due to nearby forest fires.
2001Hardrock results spread sheets in time-of-day, elapsed-time, and segment time formats.
Graphical representation of 2001 results.
2000Hardrock results spread sheet [XLS].
1999Hardrock results spread sheet [XLS].