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Trail Work Co-Coordinators: &

In an effort to develop and improve our relationship with the Columbine Ranger District Forest Service Office, whom is responsible for making sure we are able to access certain parts of our course and granting us our permits, we are enhancing our volunteer trail work program. Hardrock has joined efforts with Megan Finnesy and the Silverton Double Dirty 30 as well as the Silverton Single Track Society to adopt and maintain the trails in the Silverton area.

The Hardrock Trail Work days will be the weekend before Hardrock, July 8-9. We are looking for a handful of people who are willing to get trained to be Trail Boss Leaders and Chain Saw Certified. Each trail boss will work with a group of 8 - 10 volunteers and direct them in making much needed trail improvements, improving water drainage, deberming, and laying rock for steps if needed.

Trail Boss Training

Volunteers of Colorado is offering an excellent opportunity to be trained as a Trail Boss so that you can lead crews during Hardrock's trail maintenance days:

Trails 2000 is hosting an OSI VOC Crew Leader training in Durango April 29-30. If you're interested in signing up, or know anyone who would like to participate, please by March 1.

Additional trainings are scheduled in Grand Junction, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Lathrop State Park & Evergreen - see

Update March 1, 2017 from Rick Trujillo

Hello Everyone

This is the first update of the season to announce the work schedule for the 2017 Hardrock trail work volunteers. As most of you know, the Hardrock volunteer trail work is traditionally done over two consecutive days, usually the weekend before the Hardrock run proper. This year will be the 24th running of the Hardrock Hundred, with the start in Silverton at 6:00 am, Friday, July 14.

Therefore, the 2017 Hardrock trail work volunteers work schedule is for the two consecutive days of Saturday, July 8 and Sunday July 9. As with last year there will be two separate work groups, one focusing on the Hardrock route itself (overseen by me) with the second focusing on the Silverton Double Dirty 30 route (overseen by Megan Finnesy). It is a little early right now to state exactly where the work will be done for either work group, or to take tally as to who goes where, but pertinent information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the work dates.

Today, March 1, dawned clear and cold (4 degrees Fahrenheit) with some 5 inches of new overnight snow, a normal late winter or early spring morning here in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This winter has been anything but normal, however. Temperatures have swung back and forth from abnormally warm to normal cold, with the warm temperatures bringing rain at various times through the winter months of November through February. Abnormally warm temperatures were so warm in early February that the Ouray ice park was forced to close for the season on February 10 due to rotting and falling ice (the ice park normally closes in late March). Although the valleys have a shortage of snow right now, the high country has more or less normal snow with the depth marker on Red Mountain Pass showing 7.0 feet (dense settled snow) only three days ago. For those who might be interested I have attached some pictures of the snow and ice situation in and above Ouray as of February 26.

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