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2016 Hardrock 100

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2015 Hardrock 100

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2014 Hardrock 100

Blake Wood's Photos


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2013 Hardrock 100

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2012 Hardrock 100

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2011 Hardrock 100


Julien Chorier Interview: 2011 Hardrock 100 Champion

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Blake Wood's Hardrock 2011 Photos

Hardrock 100 Run Photos by Steve Pero
Hardrock Photos Part I by Tanner Johnson
Hardrock Photos Part II by Tanner Johnson
2011 Hardrock Photos by Olga Varlamova
Hardrock Photos by Christian Johnson
Hardrock 2011 by Jack Jewell
Hardrock 2011 photos by Helen Flannery

Run Reports

Hardrock 100 (three shoes, two guys) by Nick Clark
Shredded Bottles and Swamp Monsters by Dakota Jones
"Did You Pack a Light" by Misti Hurrikane
Hardrock 100 Run Report by Rich DeSimone
2011 Hardrock 100 Run Report by Ryan Martin
Facing Fear and Moving Forward by Devon Crosby-Helms
2011 Hardrock Hundred ...or 42 by Steve Pero
Sufrimiento by Luis De Arriba India *(written in Spanish)
Hardrock 100 - 2011 run report by Marcy Beard
DNFing at Hardrock by Nick Coury
Hardrock 100 Run Report by Christian Johnson
Hardrock 100 - The Story of Two Races by Joe Grant
2011 Hardrock 100 run report by Tim Long
Beauty and Fear at the Hardrock 100 by Betsy Nye's pacer

2010 Hardrock 100


2010 Hardrock 100 photos by Blake Wood
2010 Hardrock Photos by Ken Ward
2010 Hardrock Photos by Jack Kurisky
2010 Hardrock Photos by Ray Smith
2010 Hardrock Photos by Flavio Dalbosco
Hardrock photos including finishers by Tanner Johnson
Commerical Hardrock Photos by Frederik Marmsater
Pole Creek aid station photos on Facebook
Hardrock 100 photo album by Stéphane Marchand

Media and Videos

Finkel: Like a Rock by The Durango Herald
Hardrock Article by the Examiner
Denver Post Hardrock 100 article featuring Jim Sweatt
Hardrock 100 Summation Video
Hardrock Story at Ouray County Talk
Hardrock photo journal at OutThereColorado.com
Hardrock start video by Stéphane Marchand

Run Reports

Hardrock 100 thoughts and photos by Ted Mahon
Hardrock 100 run report by John Sharp

2009 Hardrock 100

Photos of 2009 and previous years by Blake Wood and crew.
Photos and report by Ted Mahon.
Photos by Buzz Burrell.
Photos by Mike Bur.
Notes from the Putnam Aid Station by Marcy Beard.
Video interview of volunteer Sam Samuelson by Plum TV.
Article with photos in the Durango Herald.
Another article with photos in the Durango Herald.
Article in the Telluride Daily Planet.

2008 Hardrock 100

Photos of 2008 and previous years by Blake Wood and crew.
Run report by Rob Youngren.
Run report with photos by Andy Hewat.
Video Report by Gambrelli Christopherson of husband Mark's run and finish.
Photos and Report by Nick Coury.
Photos of trail work, trail marking and other pre-event fun, the run, and a video of "My Crew", by Howard Cohen.
Report and photos by Craig Slagel of Silverton and the local area, trail marking on Ouray to Engineer, Maggies to Cunningham, Cunningham to Silverton, Grouse to Handies, Virginius, his Sherman hike, and the Hardrock finish.
Photos by Dave Larsen.
Photos by Scott Hirst of the check-in and briefing, the aid station prep, the pre-start, the approach to Grant-Swamp Pass, Grant-Swamp Pass with shaggy spectators, the Grant-Swamp descent, the Telluride Aid Station, the Cunningham Aid Station, the finish line, and the post-run activities.
Report by Wouter Hamelinck.
Photos by Christian Murdock appearing in the Colorado Springs Gazette, along with Dave Philipps' article.
Photos and report by Steve Pero.
Photos of runners on the course by John Cappis.
Photos of "Hardrock Camp" (i.e. course marking) and the run itself by Olga Varlamova.
Photos by Bill Geist.
Photos by Matt Mahoney.

2007 Hardrock 100

Photos of 2007 and previous years by Blake Wood.
Run Report by John Prohira, with photos by Jack Jewel.
Run Report with photos by Markus Mueller.
Photos by Brian Robinson.
Photos by Steve Pero.
Photos by Flavio Dalbosco.
Photos by Jack Jewell of pacing John Prohira.
Photos by Bill Geist.
Photos by John Cappis.

2006 Hardrock 100

Photos by Steve Pero.
Photos by Chuck Baughman.
Photos and more photos by Mark Cosmas.
A report by Kate Lapides of crewing for Kirk Apt over the years.
Lyrics to the Hardrock song performed by Roch Horton and John DeWalt at the awards banquet.
Photos (particularly fine!) by Klas Eklof.
Photos and report by Jason Halladay.
Photos and report by Pasi Kurkilahti.
Photos and report by Joe Prusaitis.
Photos while crewing and pacing by Bill Losey.
Photos at Chapman by Chris Gerber. Contact if you want full resolution versions.
Photos by Rich Durnan.
Photos and a report by Matt Mahoney of missing the finish cutoff by 6 minutes.
Story of running a DOUBLE Hardrock by Peter Bakwin.
Story of hotel and plane troubles and a DNF, by Rich Limacher.
Story by Andrea Feucht.
Story by Will Vaughan.
Story of pacing by Lisa Butler.

2005 Hardrock 100

Photos by Blake Wood.
Report written for the Durango Herald by Marc Witkes.
Photos by Mike Bur.
Photos by Ulli Kamm.
Photos by Rob Youngren.
Photos by Matt Mahoney.
Photos by Steve Pero.
Report by Rob Youngren.
Report by Rodger Wrublik.
Report by Joe Prusaitis.
Report by Martin Miller.

2004 Hardrock 100

Photos by George Feucht.
Report by Andrea Feucht.
Photos by Steve Pero.
Photos by Blake Wood.
Photos by Tom Burrell (proprietor of the Avon Hotel in Silverton).
Photos by Matt Mahoney.
Run report with Photos by Damon Lease.
Report by Mark Swanson.
Report by Steve Pattillo.
Report by Steve Pero.
Report by Scott Sullivan.
Report by Joe Prusaitis.

2003 Hardrock 100

Photos by Andrea Feucht.
Photos by Steve and Deb Pero
Report by Todd Salzer

2001 Hardrock 100

Photos by John Robinson
Report by Randy Dunn
Report by Joe Prusaitis
Report by Andrea Feucht
Report by Matt Mahoney
Report and photos by Steve Pero
Report by Marc Witkes
Report by Todd Salzer
Report by Steve Pattillo
Report by Jonathan Thompson, which originally appeared in the Silverton Mountain Journal.
The Steamboat Pilot's article on Betsy Kalmeyer.
CNN Sports Illustrated video feature on Hardrock.

2000 Hardrock 100

Photos by Andrea Feucht.
Report by Aki Inoue
Report by Dana Roueche
Report by Greg Loomis
Outside Magazine's story on the 2000 Hardrock: "It's Gonna Suck To Be You."

1999 Hardrock 100

Photos by Blake Wood, Igor Pesenson, John Demorest, John Cappis, Phil and Joyce Wood, and Rebecca Clark.
Report by Blake Wood
Report by Tyler Curiel
Report by Tim Neckar
Photos by Tim Neckar
Todd Burgess on the experience of missing the 48 hour cutoff by three minutes
Rob Youngren on acclimatization
Report by Caboose Award Winner Roger Wiegand
Matt Mahoney on acclimatization and training
Andrea Feucht on pacing Eric Robinson
Photos by Eric Robinson of the 1998 and 1999 runs

1998 Hardrock 100

Report by Jay Hodde
Report by Dave Horton

1997 Hardrock 100

Photos by Blake Wood.
Stan Jensen's Hardrock Photo Page.
Report by John Demorest
Report by Dana Roueche on "Hardrock Women"
Report by Renne Gardner
Report by Eric Robinson
Report by Gene Thibeault
Report by Matt Mahoney
Stan Jensen on pacing Suzi T
Report by Joel Zucker
Brian Scott's account of pacing Joel Zucker
Good advice from Ulli Kamm, a ten time finisher.

1996 Hardrock 100

Photos by Blake Wood and Charlie Thorn.
Report by Joel Zucker
Brian Scott's account of pacing Joel Zucker

1994 Hardrock 100

Report and photos by Blake Wood