Aid Station Volunteers


As an Aid Station Captain, you will be responsible for receiving supplies and food, and gathering equipment you will need for your station. The HRH supplies, inventories and stores some equipment for your use, but rely to a large degree on you to bring what you think you will need. The HRH rents some specialized items such as generators for road side stations (Crock pots have proved to be useful keeping food warm and as fresh as possible. Some even put up Christmas lights.) and an outhouse for Grouse Gulch. Please, keep in touch on these details. Each station is given a little money to assist with buying extras or fun stuff to make your station special.

Those Captains of stations where drop bags are allowed will also need to help get those drop bags out to the station and back to Run Central when the Station closes. It is very helpful if you are able to gather your own team of helpers, but we also keep a list of everyone volunteering and will plug those great folks in where we see the need and where they will be the best fit. Organizing who goes where and when is the biggest job of the Aid Station Coordinator prior to the two weeks before the Run. Communication is very important. Each Captain gets a manual specific for their station in which there is a form for the names of those assisting at your station. So far it has been the Captain's responsibility to let us know when a volunteer has been in the Tribe for 5 or 10 years. We honor those folks with pins and will be looking at 15 year pins soon. We are working to get this information stored electronically, and so get this piece dialed.

There is a lot more information in the Volunteer Manual and the Runner Manual. Please, read both of these carefully. Both manuals are on the internet at our web site and will be in your Captain's Manual. We do offer a Runner's Lottery ticket for serving as an Aid Station Captain at some of the stations, if you are so inclined.

Thanks & keep in touch,

  • Brad Bishop, Aid Station Coordinator
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