2016 Lottery Accepted Runners

2016 Lottery Wait Listed Runners (Updated 1/6/16)

2016 Service Requirement Form

Congratulations to everyone who was selected in the lottery!
We look forward to seeing you all in Silverton this summer!

If you weren't selected and would still like to be part of the 2016 Hardrock there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and/or just be a part of the Hardrock community!

These are the boards to which we taped the lottery tickets as we drew them. The differing colors of the tickets have no meaning, and were used only to give a quick visual idea of whether they were adequately mixed in the jar. On each ticket is the applicant's name, the lottery they were in, and the number of tickets they had in that lottery.

New Runner Tracking Policy for 2016

Beginning in 2016, we will require all runners to carry an electronic runner tracking device during Hardrock. The tracking feed will be available from this webpage during the run. We are implementing this policy for a number of reasons: Improved Search & Rescue capabilities, requests from our permitting agencies, popularity with friends and family of our electronic tracking trial in 2015, and help for crews in anticipating their runner's arrival at aid stations.

Read the full policy here.

Kissing the Rock - A Hardrock Story
   by Matt Trappe Photo & Film - Coming Early 2016

Hardrock 100 At a Glance

100-mile run with 33,992 feet of climb and 33,992 feet of descent for a total elevation change of 67,984 feet with an average elevation of 11,186 feet - low point 7,680 feet (Ouray) and high point 14,048 feet (Handies Peak).

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service.