Hardrock Hundred Run Board

The Hardrock Hundred Board of Directors (BOD) is the governing body of the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. They are elected for 3 year terms. For more information on the Hardrock Board of Directors, contact the Hardrock BOD president.

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Hardrock Hundred Run Committee

The Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run Committee has oversight in conducting the annual Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. For more information on the run committee contact the Run Director.

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12/6/16: Board Statement and Application Fees

Since the lottery Saturday there has been a long discussion on multiple sites about the lottery, fees, etc. The board made a decision related to application fees last Saturday, which is described here.

The board has also released a statement regarding the accusations made by Mr. Aaron Denberg. We appreciate the support many have expressed for the Hardrock. In addition, there have been many thoughtful and constructive discussions about the lottery over the years that have helped us refine the process. We greatly value those discussions and look forward to continuing them.