Hardrock 100
Four Winds Interactive - Example

Four Winds Interactive

With the support of Four Winds Interactive, Hardrock is excited to announce a new way that we will be engaging the full experience of the 2017 Hardrock 100 with everyone.

Three video screens will be set up in the Silverton Gym that will seamlessly inform everyone about everything Hardrock - the story of the Hardrock - up to date run information - runner profiles - social media - Hardrock activities - partner information.

In keeping with the traditions of Hardrock, this program will not replace but rather offer an exciting new way of augmenting Hardrock's existing system of communicating information about the Hardrock to everyone.

Hardrock Official Print 2017

2017 Official Print

The 2017 Hardrock is pleased to announce that Criss Furman's picture "Dream'n" has been selected as the official picture for the 2017 Hardrock.

Criss hails from Silverton and he has spent countless hours photographing the Hardrock Hundred over the years. Criss's photo was selected from a very impressive group of photos and original pieces of art submitted for this year.

You'll be seeing "Dream'n" in many forms for this year's Hardrock - from the welcome posters to the graduation diplomas. Congratulations Criss!!!

Hardrock 100 At a Glance

100-mile run with 33,050 feet of climb and 33,050 feet of descent for a total elevation change of 66,100 feet with an average elevation of 11,186 feet - low point 7,680 feet (Ouray) and high point 14,048 feet (Handies Peak).

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service.