Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run Value Statements

The Hardrock Hundred is committed to providing unique and challenging running opportunities. We are dedicated to the ongoing development and management of these opportunities through the honesty, integrity and professionalism of our management, operations and interactions with those who become associated with the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. Our goal is to make the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run a standard of excellence in terms of its organization and runner satisfaction.

The Runners The Hardrock Hundred recognizes and appreciates the dedication and determination of the Hardrock runner. We will strive to meet the physical and administrative needs of each individual runner through runner feedback, proactive planning and sensitivity in the consideration of their needs. We are friendly, courteous, fair and professional in our relationships with our runners. We strive to make ours an enjoyable and safe event.

The Communities The Hardrock Hundred is committed to providing long-term relationships with the communities that are part of our event. We strive to foster this relationship through effective communication, economic opportunities and openness to the needs and concerns of the towns involved with the Hardrock Hundred. The Hardrock Hundred is also dedicated to becoming a source of financial and administrative assistance to those communities. This assistance will be offered as we become economically viable and open to those in the community who have helped us reach our goals.

The Volunteers The Hardrock Hundred realizes that our event is only as good as our people. We are dedicated to the long-term development of a group of volunteers that are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsible and who are an integral part of the success of our events. We encourage open communication, input and suggestions from those who volunteer their time and energy to the Hardrock Hundred.

The Sponsors The Hardrock Hundred realizes the marketing uniqueness of our event and strives to make this an event, which reflects positively on our sponsors and their products. We welcome sponsorship of our events that is mutually beneficial to the sponsor, runner and Hardrock Hundred. Sponsors who are interested and who participate in the Hardrock Hundred will be treated in a fair and honest manner.

The Land The Hardrock Hundred appreciates the beauty and vulnerability of the lands that are the basis of our event. We strive to use utmost consideration and respect for these lands in the planning and implementation of our event. We are committed to maintaining open and positive communication with the stewards of the natural resources that we utilize.