Trail Maintenance


Trail Work Coordinator:

Update 6/27/22

Hi everyone, I hope that this finds you well. We are less than 2 weeks out from the trail work weekend, and are working to dial in a few specifics. I updated the list to remove some of the people who cant be there, but I would rather accidentally send the email to too many people rather than too few.

IMPORTANT #1: We are trying to have at least work group meet off site: 1 in Lake City, and potentially 1 in Telluride. If you are interested in joining one of these work groups, and not meeting in Silverton, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

IMPORTANT #2. We will need Certified Sawyers in certain locations. If you are a Certified Sawyer (and havent told me before) please let me know. You must be a Certified Sawyer to use a chainsaw, and we will need one certified person per team on a 2 person saw. Hand saws (folding pocket saws) do not have this restriction.

Required gear to bring: long pants, gloves, eye protection, closed toed shoes.
Probably should bring: sunscreen, food, water, rain jacket.
Nice to bring: your favorite tools, hard hat or other ppe that you want, sweet tunes.

Schedule of events:
July 9: Meet outside the SILVERTON SCHOOL* 8am. Meet'n'greet, form work groups, and leave for worksites, hopefully by 8:30. We have a lot of potential work locations, so hopefully will have plenty of work. Duration of work will be site dependent, but please expect to put in a solid day of work.
*Work groups out of Lake City and/or Telluride would not meet in Silverton.

July 10: Work groups meet on location - we will do our best to form these plans on Saturday.

I am still finalizing the work day locations, but these will be locked down by next week. Thanks for being willing to help with the trails.

As always, if you have questions (or notice something I mis-typed!) feel free to reach out!


The Hardrock Trail Work days will be July 10-11, 2021. They are typically held the Saturday/Sunday of the weekend before the run.

Pitch in 8 or 16 hours of support to the local trails, earning our dirt and giving back to the trails we love. Fill out the volunteer form to get on the mailing list for more info, but each day is open to all-comers, whether pre-registered or not. Each morning's meetup is typically at the Silverton Gym, but you’ll want to be on the list to know for sure. All skill levels, from beginners on up are welcome. Gloves, long pants & closed-toed shoes required, and bring your own water - tools are provided (but you're welcome to bring your own).

Both days will start with signing waivers, a safety/technical talk, and carpools out to the worksites. Expect to do up to 5-10miles of hiking each day as part of the work.

Weather can vary greatly, and we'll be spending much of our time at or above 10,000'. Weather could range from the mid-30's to the high 70's. Bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen as well as a quality rain jacket and other warm clothes.

We are looking for a handful of people who are willing to get trained to be Trail Bosses/Crew Leaders. Each trail boss will lead a group of 6 - 10 volunteers.